by Nikki Beach

Keep it Tropi'Cool!

Welcome to our Tropical paradise brought to you by Nikki Beach.


Key West is tailored to the utmost perfection to create the everlasting desire to do absolutely nothing.   


A perfectly conceived beach set midst extraordinary nature offering seclusiveness on a new level.


Along with Key West’s own Executive Chef Olivier Hilton, our chefs have created exceptional Caribbean dishes and bites, bursting with Latin flavor and fresh local ingredients.


Key West beach is an entirely new world, a place you come to getaway. A place where you stay.


Feel welcomed in its airy beach-shack-chick interiors and unwind with a cocktail, enjoy some light Caribbean Latino flare and catch the breeze.


Get a taste of the island life in this relaxed refuge that features innovative new dishes all wrapped with a solid groove of calypso beats.


10:00-20:00 h


Bar service:

10:00-20:00 h


Food Service:

12:00-19:30 h



Beach set price:

100 € per set



- 4 complimentary Carlsberg beers OR a pitcher of homemade ice tea

- 4 bottled waters.




These prices are valid for 2021 but are subject to changes.

Beach set includes two sun loungers, one parasol and two plush towels.

Payments can be done directly at our venue.

All credit cards are accepted.

Reservations are required.